To see my heart, to Onomichi / Exhibition “HUMAN<3”









Your heart is not here.

When you’re heart broken, your heart aches with a squeezing pain. 

The ache that is different from the excitement you feel when you fall in love. 

Heartaching events can suddenly happen to anybody. 

Neither good nor bad people can escape from aching. 

Not everything will come out the way you want. 

Still, humans want to love again.

Is a human being tied to a heart, or is a heart tied to a human being?

Heart, are you here?




This work began when the artist thought that her heart would break when she broke down. After that, the artist’s own heart was extracted by a CT scan, and the shape and heart symbol were combined.


Unlike the heart and brain, the heart (mind) is not an organ.  Many people who live today think that the mind is “something that makes humans act like humans”.  And they think they own their own heart.  The heart of the work seems to be hardened by the spell, but because of the heart that seems to be broken by the spell is maintained in an exquisite balance.  Even spells are part of the human heart.  By expressing and symbolizing personal heart pains, such as broken heart and aching events, by transforming them into body pains, we will challenge the expression of the phenomenon of the human heart that is close to the heart pain that can never be shared with anybody like copy paste.  But human beings can sympathize through common concepts of words and images.  The heart symbol, which is loved as a symbol of love, is symbolized to include “love of all the people who know the common concept of heart symbol” rather than personal love.  The heart organ is owned by the person, but is the heart (mind)  owned by the person?  This work visualizes the quest for the human heart <3.

”HUMAN<3” size: W2500 × H2000 × D1500 (mm)

Material: Mixed media(Balloon, Urethane, Acrylic, etc.)

展示するギャラリー&カフェ「ULTRA」には、O JUN、ラファエル・ローゼンダール、米田知子、柳幸典など世界的に著名な現代美術が展示されています。ぜひご一緒にお楽しみください。

As an art project by up-and-coming artists, TOMIMO+AKINA’s work “HUMAN<3 (Human)” will be exhibited for two months from Monday, March 26, 2024 at ULTRA, a café that exhibits world-renowned contemporary art, O JUN, Rafael Rosendahl, Tomoko Yoneda, Yukinori Yanagi, and others!

会期/ 2024.3.25 (月)~ 5.27 (月) ※会期終了は仮予定

時間/ 金曜日〜月曜日(11:00-17:00 カフェL.O.16:30)※火〜木曜日は鑑賞できません。

会場/ Gallery Cafe ULTRA 広島県尾道市土堂2−3−24 尾道駅より徒歩10分 入場無料

Duration: March 25 (Monday) to May 27 (Monday), 2024

Open days and hours: Friday to Monday (11:00-17:00, Cafe L.O.16:30)

Venue: Gallery Cafe ULTRA 2-3-24 Tsuchido, Onomichi, Hiroshima,Japan

10-minute walk from Onomichi Station Admission free